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4 Types of Nonprofits: Which Ones Should We Celebrate?

Posted by Jason Lynch on Jun 29, 2016 12:00:00 PM


At the Charity Defense Council, we believe big fundraising efforts should be celebrated. If we're actually going to eradicate poverty, homelessness, or Alzheimer's disease, scale is absolutely crucial. Tiny organizations won't cut it.

In some circles, that emphasis on fundraising has raised eyebrows. Our cynical side is awakened whenever large sums of money are involved. Where's all this money going? Is it really reaching the people who need it? Do charity execs need to be making six-figure salaries? Can't organizations spend less and get the same results?

Others have questioned whether our philosophy gives cover to bad actors in the nonprofit space (e.g., organizations that raise a lot, but don't do much with it). That's an important concern and something we're actively working to avoid.

But, whether it's popular or not, we need to make a stronger case for fundraising. So, we came up with a simple two-by-two framework to shed some light on our philosophy.

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Topics: Fundraising, Social Impact

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